Decades since the introduction of personal computing there are still too many business technologies that don’t work. Oh, the hardware and software firms will tell you that they do. But they still don’t get it. For example, go to Microsoft’s support site and type in “Microsoft Word Error” (leave out the quotes). I did this and got 2,380,000 results. Is this indicative of something working?

Of course I’m not being entirely fair. Many of these results go back in time. Most are minor problems or may be due to my mix of search keywords. And, with the exception of Windows Vista, Microsoft is a good company that makes good products. All I know is thank God they don’t build airplanes.

The problem is that people in the technology business seem to have a different definition of when something “works.” To me when something works, it works all the time.

For example, we are probably the only family in my county that does not own a digital TV. We have a large Zenith in the living room that I bought more than ten years ago and it’s…fine. Yes, I’m a cheapskate. But the thing works! And honestly, do I really need to see a close-up of Kirstie Alley dancing the Flamenco? The same goes for my refrigerator. It’s never failed me. Neither has any of the lamps in my house. Or my indoor plumbing. Or the telephone. Or an episode of Seinfeld. Or a Whopper from Burger King. These things can be counted on to work for me whenever I need them.

I wish I could say the same for my Tivo, which still can’t seem to record the right channel all the time. Or my satellite service from Sirius, which always seems to go blank at the exact moment when Howard is about to say something funny. But these are annoyances. What’s more than an annoyance is when the technology that I’m using to run my business is not reliable or consistent. In other words: when it doesn’t work. And, in at least six instances, this is happening too often.

The Cloud. For example, cloud applications can be great, but the cloud is still not a working platform for many businesses both big and small. We have a few clients who have outsourced their internal computers to companies that provide them with a managed cloud-based service. It’s “OK” says one client who didn’t want to be named in this column. Just OK. That’s because oftentimes the performance is slow. It depends on the speed of the internet where people are and the time of day they’re trying to get something done. Integrating applications through the layers of permissions has been difficult. There have been a couple of instances where services went down. In all cases these clients muddled through the issue. But no one’s working faster because of it.

Security and reliability in the cloud still doesn’t work. Not when our largest, most “trusted” companies like Google, Sony and Amazon are losing hundreds of thousands of emails, misplacing confidential security information or going dark for hours and hours. Why do you think most companies, particularly in the financial services and healthcare industries, aren’t running to the cloud? It’s because they have extremely sensitive data and they are required, by law, to keep it that way. Sure, cloud applications have a lot of potential. The future for this technology looks bright. My company sells a few of these. And in certain cases, these solutions are a great option for many businesses. But if you’ve got a mission critical, highly sensitive system that you rely on to run your business you’re not moving it to the cloud yet. That’s because the cloud still doesn’t work.

IE9. I apologize if it seems like I’m picking on Microsoft here. But Internet Explorer 9 doesn’t work either. I should know. I upgraded to Microsoft’s new browser about three weeks ago. And two days after I upgraded I had to download Mozilla’s Firefox browser. Why? Because many sites weren’t working properly with my new and improved IE9. For example, the very blog that I’m now writing can no longer be uploaded through Forbes’ blogging tools like I could when I was using a previous version of Internet Explorer. Is this Forbes’ fault? Is this some kind of configuration issue? I don’t know. Forbes uses WordPress, the popular blogging platform. Certain graphics on other sites are not appearing correctly, if at all. Is this happening all the time? Of course not. For the most part I’m surfing fine using IE9. But I’m running into display and performance problems that I shouldn’t have to be dealing with in this late age of internet browsers.

Google’s Apps. Anyone get this one? I use Google Voice and it seems that after I get about fifty voicemail messages I can no longer call in and retrieve them in order of when they were received. So that doesn’t work. My BlackBerry’s Google Maps is slow as molasses and sometimes doesn’t give me the right position I need so I need to still print out MapQuest directions when I go on the road. So that doesn’t work. Also, am I the only business owner who hasn’t figured out how to use AdWords effectively? I know I’m not the brightest bulb in the bunch, but I’ve tried every keyword combination in the world and still can’t find my company anywhere when searching, although my balance of dollars gets depleted inexplicably. I’ve spent too much time and money trying to get this to work for me and have given up. Fail.

Skype Video. Skype Video doesn’t work for me either. Ever seen what I look like in my underwear? It ain’t pretty. Just ask any number of my kids’ friends who’ve seen this disturbing image of me in the background (and in crystal clarity) while video-chatting on their MacBooks. My son also video-chats on his iPhone. The quality is amazing. The performance is excellent. I’m a Windows guy and darn it, I want to video chat with my customers too. So I try this using Skype. And the result is….meh. The picture is grainy. The performance is terrible…stilted, slow, choppy. I’ve tried this from many different places and with a number of different people. And the results are always the same. Skype video is inferior to Apple’s video-chatting. Maybe I need to pay to use a better video service for my business. But why? Apple’s video chatting is free.

Printing. Amazingly, most office printers don’t work either. My clients grumble about them all the time. Those new “wireless” printers mysteriously disappear from the network only to strangely re-appear minutes later. Where do they go? Even printers that are hard-wired to a server sometimes go AWOL for unknown reasons. Anyone who gets the “printer cannot be found” message knows what I’m talking about. We’re all used to rebooting servers and printers to clear out the print spool because, for reasons unexplained, a million print jobs get queued up and can’t be executed. Paper still gets jammed, just like we’re still in an episode of Mad Men. And when these problems occur, the printers’ error handling procedures never seem to know how to handle the error, resulting in missing pages or incomplete jobs. We accept inferior printer technology like we accept rush hour traffic and Piers Morgan. A necessary evil.

Reports. After eighteen years of selling business software do you know what problem is still number one for most of my clients? Reporting. Software makers get all wrapped up in sexy new features and functions and hundreds of ways of doing the exact same thing that they seem to forget the most fundamental use of their products: most business software applications are systems built around databases. And the data is still not entirely accessible.

How commonly have you ever asked yourself “self…Is there a extra acceptable job inside the world than operating from home? Then asking your self the subsequent question, “is the home commercial enterprise on-line?” Followed of direction by “wherein exactly is this high earnings home enterprise online?”

I am going to go over a few precious statistics for you’re taking with you and I promise by way of the cease of reading all this you’ll have learned some thing treasured to take with you via your successes to find the a excessive earnings home commercial enterprise on line.

I am going to break down the standards that produce a high income home enterprise on line with the subsequent ingredients important. The first is what it takes to reach a excessive income home enterprise on-line. Point blank it’s far consistency and know-how. Here is what I mean. If you need to be successful you ought to maintain plugging yourself into all of the things that I am discussing on this page. This consistency of work must be applied normal for the time you have got set for yourself. The expertise portion is ready taking regular as a studying enjoy. My exceptional gift to myself for my first year became learning and soaking up know-how normal approximately home enterprise online, studying from some mistakes, and maximum of all maintain driving, kept going. I turned into constant. Both the want for know-how and regular work combined each day will lead to increase and wealth for your commercial enterprise. Now, can you earn a high income pretty fast from a home enterprise online? Yes, I see it in my very own team pretty regularly. I encourage that sort of pressure. However, to maintain that excessive earnings levels for your private home commercial enterprise online you are required good solid personal improvement and basic online commercial enterprise training. Guess in which that comes from? It comes from that understanding you seek ordinary, absorbing and analyzing everything you see about home commercial enterprise on-line.

The second idea that produces a high earnings home enterprise on line for your self is lead era. This factor is constantly important for any high income home business online. For this what you do need is a pipeline packed with potentialities (leads). This pipeline can be manifested to your enterprise in ways; loose lead generation and paid lead generation. Paid lead generation does wonders on your time control for your home business on line. Here are some paid lead era techniques: P.P.C. (Pay according to click), lead marketing campaign buying, and ezine ads, just to call a few. Some of the successful free lead technology methods are email marketing, forum posting, article writing, and my favored video marketing. It is first-rate to experience each paid and free marketing to see what works for you and your business. This revel in and consistency of unfastened and paid lead generation will create increase to your enterprise, that I promise. The key’s to generate more leads that you could cope with in a unmarried day. Because after you have got gone thru all the leads you may manage in that one day, you have the subsequent day geared up with enough leads from the day past to paintings with. No unmarried lead, prospect or character is the pressure or achievement for your enterprise. The handiest unmarried character is you.

The third idea that produces a excessive earnings home commercial enterprise on line for your self is genuine mentor and steerage. True mentorship and guidance is providing actual cost and teaching you about actual advertising and marketing. It is to help build a attitude of a real entrepreneur. For me also what I do is clearly give out all the goodies. Duplication! All the procedures that I test that work and make money, I provide out. Now that does not suggest you may not be running difficult to use those strategies, oh you will. But there is no want to battle on some thing that is already difficult enough for maximum new people to grasp. What you need to do is search for authentic mentorship and guidance to supply a excessive profits home enterprise on line for your self.

The forth idea that produces a high income home commercial enterprise online for yourself is effective advertising campaigns. It’s all approximately what you are attempting to do for your private home enterprise online. If you are direct selling for a enterprise making $1,000 income off of every sale it doesn’t make sense to use crappy banner ads on a website for car ads. More than some thing you have to find out what works for your house enterprise online. Called simply “testing.” In a a success crew for home enterprise online the checking out has been done for you earlier than you join a home commercial enterprise online. When it comes to finding the first-rate marketing campaigns for your property enterprise online the true entrepreneurs have to test it. I personally examined my home business on line earlier than I went out to promote it to my listing and new potentialities. I would never need to market some thing to the hundreds that does not work. Once I tested the commercial enterprise itself, my crew partners and I began checking out out the marketing campaigns that could both work or now not work for the house enterprise on-line. I examined, examined, tested, until there is enough comments that calls for the proper adjustments. All that became left is the right course to earn excessive earnings from my home commercial enterprise online.

The fifth concept that produces a high earnings home business on line for your self is real leverage. Any on line enterprise that says that they may be the ninth wonder however they cannot prove they DUPLICATE genuine leverage with their reimbursement plan in a reasonable quantity of your attention span isn’t a wonder with a purpose to waste some time making an investment in. To save yourself months or years of frustration on locating a high profits home business on line follow the entirety that I am discussing here in this page. You need 1 hour each out of one thousand people in place of a thousand of your personal hours

The sixth concept that produces a high profits home enterprise on-line for your self is excessive conversions. Without excessive conversions there is no high earnings. The first critical step in high conversations for your own home enterprise on line is net replica. The web copy has to be crafted with content in which that content incorporates a funnel that produces appropriate facts and opportunities. The business I paintings with carries $20,000 a page net copy. Most internet copy for their home business on-line sites aren’t designed with the mental conversions approaches needed to without a doubt convert.

The seventh concept that produces a high income home enterprise on line for yourself is automation. One of the huge troubles with ANY home business on line is that humans can’t communicate effectively. People can’t close sales effectively. After the possibility is surrounded their life, time and money, motion is then required, they take movement by means of get their possibilities on the telephone…Then they screw it all up. Well let’s begin with the trouble of the cellphone. If you’re a high earnings home commercial enterprise on line earner then chances you aren’t on the telephone. Trying to convert your possibilities on the phone does now not earn you excessive profits for your house commercial enterprise on-line. Automation. What you need is to remove human error of folks who cant promote by using setting up automation from a device.

The eighth concept that produces a high income home enterprise on line for your self is a machine. Here it is, the massive reason for the achievement of anyone I have seen on-line. I can not tell you enough how key that is for any high income home enterprise online. It is so critical to have some sort of machine in vicinity so the human error of bad communique may be eliminated. Once human error is removed the machine sells for you, trains your possibilities, and automates your enterprise for you. This manner humans you sign up can in reality make money. Otherwise 95% of the those who be part of the house enterprise industry and try to earn high profits from their home commercial enterprise on-line don’t make that a good deal money because they ought to do all of the selling, all of the training, with almost no automation. Unless you need to significantly increase the abilties of conversation that maximum humans lack so much in selling and be that gadget yourself. Get a home business on-line that has a machine that communicates for you. Where can I discover the proper one your asking huh? Well, contact me and take a look at out what I offer and I will explain extra for you.